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Farewell, Farabians!

Assalamualaikum. Huip huip!

Yesterday we had our last farewell party for 6 Al-Farabi. Well, you can call it party cuz we've got balloons with us. Yay! Venue, KFC. Buat waktu tengah hari. Waktu puncak KFC busy. Memang tak malu gila berhuha-huha sambil diperhati.

We had a lot of fun since it'll be our last gathering for 2017. Makan-makan and lots of wefies. Plus, we had a surprise birthday celebration for those who were born in November. Just for the two November flowers, Ecah and Peanut.

We also had a small Pilihan Raya that specially conducted by Ain Aqilah. All 15 questions were provided, so we just had to fill in the blank. The dominant votes will be the winners. And they also got Choki-Choki! Well, the results ;

1. The clown of the class goes to QAMARINA ADAM
2. The most ambitious one goes to AIN NATASHA
3. The laziest one goes to VETHA SHAHANA
4. The sweetest one goes to WANI HARON
5. The badass one goes to BAD. Suits his name very well. Lol
6. The loudest one goes to VETHA SHAHANA
7. The annoying one also goes to VETHA SHAHANA
8. The creepiest one goes to WANI HARON again
9. Best couple shipper goes to SYAHMI-AIN NATASHA. Well, these two got so much dramas
10. The face of the class (female) is AFRINA aka PEANUT
11. The face of the class (male) is DANNIE SYAZWAN
12. Favorite teacher goes to CIKGU ROZANI
13. The favorite subject is EKONOMI that was taught by the favorite teacher
14. Miss Farabi is WANI HARON 
15. Mr. Farabi is BADRUL HISYAM the badass one

Afterall, form 6 wasn't my first option to further my studies. But since aku tak dapat tawaran universiti, aku sanggup tolak matrik untuk masuk form 6 ni sebab tahu bukan kaki struggle lol. I'm glad dapat kenal korang selama setahun setengah ni. Walaupun tak lama, tapi kita dah macam satu keluarga walaupun berbilang bangsa. Terima kasihlah dapat faham perangai aku yang suka bersendirian ni (lone ranger oh yeah). Aku tak pernah terasa disisihkan walaupun orang luar rasa macam tu. Tapi asalkan korang yang aku anggap macam keluarga ni tahu, tu dah cukup. Memang lumrah setiap pertemuan tu ada perpisahan. Jadi aku nak minta maaf kalau ada salah silap sepanjang perkenalan kita. Kalau ada tertinggi suara, tersindir atau terpaling muka. Hopefully it will be a happy ending for each of us with flying colors for all subjects and of course 4 FLAT for STPM 2017. Well, we'll meet again next year. May the blood, sweat and tears bring good news for us later. Good luck untuk semua.

From your class' eldest sister.

Happy holiday! Thank you.

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